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This page is constantly being updated and contains only some of the many publications that I did to increase and grown the culture of wounds care. If you want you can download and/or contact me to get the original files and use them.

Clinical application pluriethan-flexible foam

Label non comparative on the effect of an enzime

Influence of hyaluronate – iodine on wounds

Chronic wounds and local malpractice, silicon foam

One step dressing wounds care

Biological covering of the “naked” dermis

Electrical stimulation for chronic wounds

Post-abdominoplasty cutaneos dehiscences

Management necrotic tissue, collagen and hyaluronic acid

Polyurethane foam covered with calcium alginate

Paraffin versus bismuth tribromophenate

Study on the use of dressing based on arachis oils

Approach in damage control of combat wounds

One step dressing in partial thickness burns

Idrofibra e argento nelle ulcere cutanee da crioglobulinemia

Gel di poliesanide e propilbetaina per lesioni cutanee croniche

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