We have already talked about the holistic treatment of a wound, but it is not easy to apply this approach. The transfer from Doctor and  Patient, in fact, is not realized so easily. The Doctor  must make a suitable therapeutic choice. It is not enough to identify the correct medication. Often the doctor is forced to choose a specific treatment for the wound care according to the patient’s social and psychological context, its ability to receive care.

The best cure is not easily identifiable and equal for all, it is rather a subjective treatment, because patients aren’t the same. Different emotional predispositions, different social or psychological distress, it is for this reason that the therapist must identify, beyond the wound itself, which is the real reason that led the patient to turn to him. Why did you choose that kind of doctor? These are things that the therapist must understand the first or second visit to determine the ultimate goal and understand what is the best treatment for the patient’s wound.