To solve problems related to non healing wounds of elderly and diabetics must consider the patient with a holistic view .This greatly affects the final treatment that can be the most suitable, appropriate, measured, monitored, but that does not lead to any result or toward limited result if it isn’t considered the psychosocial sphere too. What we mean by Psychosocial Sphere? We intend that concerns: – Psychological needs; – Social needs; – Emotional stress; to which they are subjected patients, being generally elderly or diabetics suffering from not healing wounds.

This must be considered for the conditioning of the final results, especially in the treatment of wounds that do not heal easily, because the wound care specialist is not interested in preliminary result because he wants to achieve the final result overall for the patient. Only to have reduced some of the emotional pressure, when he was being treated in an another clinical enviroment, it’s already a great achievement.

Think about the pain, the first objective of the vulnoterapist is its restraint, its reduction. Not only the acute cyclic pain that you may have at the dressing time or control in which the patient is already prepared for it, but the constant pain is always present in the patient who is not only a physical pain related to the injury itself , but also psychic. In the wound care, if you framed the patient well, the first result is this, that smile with which the patient returns to the next examination, the trust that the patient shows everytimes after the first dressing.
This is an essential element, a litmus test to see if the holistic treatment is working.