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Welcome to the website of Corrado Maria Durante.

My name is Corrado Maria Durante, VULNOLOGO, a specialist in general surgery and plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. My training started from general surgery, but in my professional development, interest has fallen in reconstructive surgery in the area of the skin injuries, soft tissue loss and complex wounds. 

I lavished greater dedication to the branch of wound care, skin ulcers, sores and wounds that do not heal, to which I devote all my attention in the some clinics where I work in Rome and Italy too.

Being a medical Officer I participated in several humanitarian missions that led me to understand very complex problems related to the trauma injuries. This has had a great influence on my professional growth. I was in Vietnam treating burned children, in that situation it was important to choose the appropriate treatment and act quickly.

Focus on Patients

We have not to think only to restore the functions due to injuries, but to cure aesthetic, psychological and social too. The focus is that the patient will have to regain freedom and security again.

The vulnotherapy mission is to allow people to re-enter treated in society, approaching easier the family and the work. It also means to regain greater security, self-esteem to those patients who will live in a body that no longer seen as injured. That is why it is crucial, after the wound care, focusing both on the cosmetic “problem” than on the psychological and social.

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